Making Our Work Matter for Intown Concord

Designing a brand that helps to build commmunity.

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*Intown Concord's previous logo.

The mission of Intown Concord is to promote and enhance the business environment, cultural activities, housing and appearance of historic downtown Concord.

When we started talking with Kate and Michelle at Intown Concord they both shared a desire to make intown concord stand out from local government organizations. They would often have locals message them on instagram to ask what day their trash would be picked up. Besides that, they needed a way to connect with businesses and individual volunteers in different ways.


The challenge that we were faced with was to provide their team with a brand that could accomplish two separate but important goals. We needed to create a logo that would set their organization apart from local government and provide them with a brand that people intown could engage with.


*Current Intown Concord Logo

What we produced for Intown Concord was a series of logos and color schemes ultimately settling on what they have currently. We also developed to help them share their message with individuals who are looking to get involved.



The biggest benefit we see with their rebranding effort is the unique identity they now have in the community. They are recognizable as an independant organization. No longer are they being confused for a government organization. When you see their logo thoughts of the Market Days Festival comes to mind, as well as the many other events they facilitate throughtout the year.

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