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Breathe Esthetics is a Concord, NH business that provides esthetics and spa services to the community. In their words they are "Concord's community day spa."

Over the years Breathe Esthetics has tried many marketing solutions. The case was always that they would spend money on an advertising or marketing campaign and see marginal results.

Additionally, Breathe Esthetics was dealing with vendor lock in for their website marketing, they were told they would have control over their website, and they were being charged handsomely for it. They were not receiving the benefits they were promised and looked to us for help. They needed to control their content, reduce their hosting costs, and brand their website more effectively. Their CMS was bulky, confusing, and a pain to use.


Firstly, Breathe Esthetics needed control over their own web marketing. They needed to update their pricing list without having to wait for days for the update to go live on their website.

Secondly, they were spending quite a bit of money on traditional advertising campaigns that were becoming hard to justify with more of their customers spending their time online.

One aspect that we don't hear discussed much in small business is the analytics related to traditional advertising. Most of the metrics that are shared with advertisers relate only to total audience or large demographic figures. This makes it increasingly difficult to understand the effectiveness of your ads. Most changes that are made to advertising copy come from intuition rather than data. We have put more focus into the metrics behind what makes their advertising work.


The first thing we did for Breathe was to develop a website that was easy to update and adequately showcased their brand and services. We moved them to their own web hosting and implemented a CMS that was easy for their team to update.

We incorporated their brand into the style of their website and made it more accessible on mobile by implementing a responsive web design.

We took a different approach with their advertising. For their annual open house we took their advertising budget and reduced it by 80% and put it into digital advertising. We saw increase in sales for them by 30% over the previous years sales, with a massively reduced budget! We have also collected information on how users in different demographics respond to advertisements, when they respond to ads, and the ads they respond to the most.

TLDR: They spent less on advertising and increased sales.


The benefits list keeps getting longer and longer. Breathe has seen a steady growth in new customers who found them through their website. Their clients make it a point to tell them that they chose Breathe Esthetics over the competition because of their website. When the competition is fierce having every advantage will make a huge difference.

When it comes to advertising online, Breathe Esthetics has steadily increased the effectiveness of their advertising while dropping their budget over what they were spending on traditional advertising methods. With our help we have determined ways they can target their ideal customers online and make their marketing work for them.

By having a greater understanding about how their clients are interacting with their advertising, they are able to create more value with a smaller ad budget. Pretty exciting stuff!

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